What can I say about "The Gardens", 85 Bronson Ave? Well.....Who could ask for anything more? I'm downtown, I have a view, I feel safe and secure and I love my luxurious home!!!!

From the moment I saw the layout plans (before the brochure was even printed), my decision felt right and I have never thought twice about it or had any regrets. For me it was exciting to be involved in designing the very few changes I made to make it "my home". No upgrades were necessary just a few "twigs" here and there(Charlesfort standard is an upgrade elsewhere). I met Doug (the president of Charlesfort) very early on, then Lloyd and Wendy. I always felt as if my unit was as important to them as it was to me. All their input was very helpful and professional. I feel the whole experience was first class and that is why CHARLESFORT is an award winning organization. Nothing but the best is acceptable! This extends from the first design, the architect, the construction team and all the other parties involved. With Doug's constant "hands on" approach, the final result is of the highest quality.

I have been here for two years now and am still impressed with continuing presence of the "CHARLESFORT" team, Emile, Sue, JC and Doug. Any request or question is always responded to in a timely and professional manner.

In a nutshell, "WHO COULD ASK FOR ANYTHING ELSE?" My unit feels like a home not just a "condo" or an "apartment". If all goes well this will be my home for along time to come, my last home in fact.

FJ Lawson - Owner at The Gardens

E. & O.E.